Friday, 3 January 2014

Future Film Friday: 2014 Jan-Mar

Now that the door has officially closed on 2013, and a year of great movies (Prisoners, Captain Phillips, Place Beyond the Pines and Frozen being my particular highlights), it's time to look ahead in anticipation of  the new crop of stories to grace our big screens this coming year.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Release date: January 17th

Starring Donna from Neighbours (hasn't she done well??), this is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a Long Island stockbroker, documenting his swift transformation into a Wall Street criminal, who served 20 months imprisonment for fraud during the 1990s.

Comprising a stellar cast and with Scorsese behind the wheel, we already know we are in for one hell of a ride with this blockbuster.  Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the finest actors on the scene right now, and Matthew McConaughey has really come into his own since he ditched the romantic comedies and pursuing a heartthrob status, and has become one of Hollywood's biggest surprises.

Labor Day
Release date: February 7th

Kate Winslet plays single mum Adele, who, along with her son Henry offers shelter to a desperate man.  It soon transpires that he is an escaped convict and their options become increasingly limited as the police search the town.

The trailer screams tension, and from a director who's work is as varied as Reitman's, it will be really interesting to see how multifaceted this film is.

Release date: February 14th

Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams are almost unrecognizable in this story of a brilliantly-named writer (Theodore Twombly) who develops a bizarre relationship with his new operating system. The style seems quirky and fun, whilst also urging us to take a look at our own relationships and values in life.

The Lego Movie
Release date: February 14th

I don't think there's a single person alive who doesn't harbour a love for Lego.  With an all-star cast (seriously, more than any regular blockbuster I can think of), this film, based on the popular mini figures, seems genuinely hilarious and a whole load of fun.

Release date: March 28th

And now for something biblical.  Regardless of your religious persuasion, you can't argue that the old testament doesn't offer up some brilliant stories that can become great films.  Noah is being hailed as one of this year's blockbusters and it's not hard to see why.

From the director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky's latest offering looks to be even more epic, with the cast headed up by Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly.

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